Women’s Equality Day 2017
Wednesday, August 23, 2017 | Noon
Dallas City Hall | 6th Floor Flag Room
2017 Theme: Texas Women

 Save The Date for UN Day 2017

The The White House‘s decision to withdraw from the #ParisAgreement is a historic forfeiture of global leadership that is damaging to America’s economy, environment, and security. But we cannot let this be the end of U.S. climate action. The United Nations Association of the United States of America still stands with the Paris Agreement. Together, we can continue its momentum and combat #climatechange.  Join us: http://ow.ly/uvQB30ceZCr

Adopt-A-Future. Educating a Generation of Refugee Children
More than 65 million people have fled their homes and risked their lives in search of refuge. Most are children, but less than half have access to education.  The United Nations Association of the United States of America, in tandem with the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and its fundraising arm USA for UNHCR, is working to prevent a lost generation by giving refugee children the education they need to build a better future.

Host a Night of a Thousand Dinners Event

Every year, events for Night of a Thousand Dinners are hosted by tens of thousands of individuals across the world to raise millions in funds for worthy causes. In honor of World Refugee Day on June 20, UNA-USA invites all chapters and members to participate by hosting or organizing a dinner event to raise funds in support of the Adopt-A-Future campaign. 

Start planning your event today! Download our toolkit to plan and host your event.


Note: When you indicate the UNA Dallas Chapter in the Adopt-A-Future campaign, your donation will automatically be allocated to our fundraising goal.


bwc statement
Washington, D.C. (May 23, 2017) — Better World Campaign President Peter Yeo issued the following statement today regarding the proposed funding cuts to the United Nations and its agencies reflected in the Administration’s full FY’18 budget request to Congress:

“The United Nations and its agencies make America safer, stronger, and more prosperous. However, the proposed cuts to the UN outlined in the Administration’s budget request are highly problematic, as they would, if enacted, greatly undermine a range of peacekeeping operations and global health and humanitarian assistance programs that save lives and further U.S. interests.

“These cuts are also counter-productive as they would undermine American leadership in New York and make it much more difficult to promote UN reform and foster international cooperation on challenges that threaten the United States. Read more…

On May 23, 25, and 26, at the 70th World Health Assembly, World Health Organization (WHO), Plus Social Good, and the UN Foundation will partner to produce World Health +SocialGood.
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This three-day digital event will connect the engaged and active +SocialGood community and a diverse online community of global health advocates directly with the Assembly.

Through a daily live, 45-minute broadcast, World Health +SocialGood will provide insight into the major happenings of each day at the World Health Assembly, while also offering exclusive, original content and conversations with experts about key health issues under discussion.

Tune in live today at 9:30 am ET/3:30 pm CET for the first of these global conversations:https://www.facebook.com/WHO

UNA-USA, Key Environmental Organizations, and 65,000 Americans Urge Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to keep U.S. in Paris Agreement
May 4, 2017

Washington, DC – On Thursday, May 4, the United Nations Association of the United States of America (UNA-USA) joined key environmental organizations in sending a letter, on behalf of 65,000 Americans, to U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, urging him to keep the U.S. in the Paris Agreement on climate change.

The letter notes that in adopting the Paris Agreement, nearly every nation on Earth has agreed to do its part to cut emissions and curb global climate change. The United States should not become the exception to this rule. Moreover, the administration should live up to our role in the Paris Agreement because it’s what U.S. citizens want: Americans support U.S. participation in the Paris Agreement by a margin of five to one.

Over the course of just two weeks, the signer organizations collectively gathered more than 65,000 signatures from Americans who support the U.S. fulfilling its commitment to the Paris Agreement.

The letter’s signers include representatives from UNA-USA, the United Nations Foundation, Sierra Club, Global Citizen, Earth Day Network, and ONE.


Download the letter

You’ve probably heard that President Trump and his advisers are debating whether to withdraw from the landmark Paris Agreement, which unites the world in a common effort to combat climate change. We need all UNA-USA supporters to make their voices heard on this vital issue!


Take these three steps to get involved:

  1. Sign our new petition to urge the White House to stay in the Paris Agreement. More than 5,000 people have signed already—we need you to add your voice!
  2. Join the People’s Climate March on April 29 in Washington, DC, or join a sister march in cities across the country.
  3. Share UNA-USA’s new graphics on social media! We’ve got draft social media posts you can copy and paste on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to spread the word.

Sign the #USAforUN Petition!

Last night, the Trump Administration made the devastating decision to end all U.S. support to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). UNFPA works on the frontlines of more than 150 countries to end child marriage and female genital mutilation and provide critical services like pre-natal care and safe childbirth, voluntary family planning, and midwife training.

This rash and misguided decision jeopardizes the world’s most vulnerable girls and women, particularly those in crisis situations. Our elected officials need to hear from us that these cuts are unacceptable.

Sign the #USAforUN petition to tell Congress that the U.S. must support the lifesaving work of the United Nations.

baby girl

The #USAforUN petition will be shared with Members of Congress so they see firsthand just how meaningful the lifesaving work of the UN is to Americans across the country.

And don’t forget: Members of Congress are back in their home districts for recess from April 10-21, giving you the opportunity to meet face-to-face with elected leaders and advocate for the UN.

Follow these 4 simple steps to plan a meeting with your Members while they’re back in town >>

The #USAforUN petition will be shared with Members of Congress so they see firsthand just how meaningful the lifesaving work of the UN is to Americans across the country, and how defunding the UN will dramatically lessen America’s influence around the world.




Tell Congress to Reject the President’s Proposed UN Budget Cuts

President Trump just released his budget proposal, and it’s worse than we thought for the United Nations. If enacted, the UN and its lifesaving agencies could see significant cuts this year. Congress needs to hear us loud and clear: These cuts are unacceptable and cannot happen.

ForfeitOurSeat (1)

Take these three steps NOW to save the UN:


Sending a letter to your Members of Congress is one of the most effective ways to let them know you oppose the President’s proposed cuts to UN funding. Click here to send a letter.


Your Members of Congress represent YOU! Call their office to let them know you oppose the President’s proposed cuts. Click here for Members’ contact information and helpful talking points.


Share the following social media posts and graphics to inspire others to protect American leadership at the UN.

·  The U.S. must NOT forfeit its influence at the @UN. Tell Congress to protect America’s global leadership → http://bit.ly/2n1OGqc

·  We must protect U.S. leadership and influence at the @UN. ACT NOW: http://bit.ly/2n1OGqc


·  The U.S. must NOT forfeit its influence at the @UnitedNations. Tell Congress to protect America’s global leadership → unausa.org

·  We must protect U.S. leadership and influence at the @UnitedNations. ACT NOW: unausa.org


·  The President’s budget proposal would severely jeopardize U.S. national security interests and compromise American leadership at the United Nations and around the world. Now is NOT the time to surrender our global leadership. TAKE ACTION: http://bit.ly/2n1OGqc

·  The President has proposed severe cuts to the United Nations during an unprecedented time of global challenges. Tell Congress we MUST protect America’s leadership at the UN → http://bit.ly/2n1OGqc


For more information, contact usausa.dallas@gmail.com


Statement by United Nations Association – Dallas Chapter
Proposed Funding Cuts to UN Programs
Friday, January 27, 2017

“We are gravely concerned about the proposed Executive Order to cut U.S. funding for the UN. These cuts will have a devastating impact on the UN and its humanitarian partners who deliver life-saving aid, assistance, and support to millions of people across the world every day.

Without US funding, programs like UN’s World Food Program (WFP), UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF), UN Population Fund (UNFPA), the UN Development Program (UNDP), the UN Program on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) and the World Health Organization (WHO), are in jeopardy. As we speak, the UN is on the frontlines working to fight Al Qaeda affiliates in Mali; coordinating 16 peacekeeping operations; sheltering refugees in conflict zones; feeding families in drought-ridden areas; and leading the international response to global health emergencies like Zika and Ebola. These are all critical efforts central to U.S. national security priorities.

Underfunding our commitments to UN programs and agencies undermines our interests at home and abroad. If signed, the Executive Order would directly contradict what U.S. Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley said last week during her confirmation hearing: “You can never win with slash and burn techniques. That doesn’t work.” We respectfully urge President Trump to do the right thing by following Nikki Haley’s advice. We must fulfill our commitments to fund the UN, its agencies, and its critical work worldwide.”

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