Statement: Proposed Funding Cuts to UN Programs

Proposed Funding Cuts to UN Programs

“We are gravely concerned about the proposed Executive Order to cut U.S. funding for the UN. These cuts will have a devastating impact on the UN and its humanitarian partners who deliver life-saving aid, assistance, and support to millions of people across the world every day.

Without US funding, programs like UN’s World Food Program (WFP), UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF), UN Population Fund (UNFPA), the UN Development Program (UNDP), the UN Program on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) and the World Health Organization (WHO), are in jeopardy. As we speak, the UN is on the frontlines working to fight Al Qaeda affiliates in Mali; coordinating 16 peacekeeping operations; sheltering refugees in conflict zones; feeding families in drought-ridden areas; and leading the international response to global health emergencies like Zika and Ebola. These are all critical efforts central to U.S. national security priorities.

Underfunding our commitments to UN programs and agencies undermines our interests at home and abroad. If signed, the Executive Order would directly contradict what U.S. Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley said last week during her confirmation hearing: “You can never win with slash and burn techniques. That doesn’t work.” We respectfully urge President Trump to do the right thing by following Nikki Haley’s advice. We must fulfill our commitments to fund the UN, its agencies, and its critical work worldwide.”


Kai Stansberry