When you join UNA-USA, you connect with a community of passionate individuals united by a desire to advance the work of the UN at the grassroots level. Benefits of joining include:

1. A forum to voice your support for U.S. engagement at the UN, with a current focus in making the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) a success.

2. A network of more than 180 UNA-USA chapters and divisions throughout the country comprised of people passionate about the mission of the United Nations.

3. The opportunity to participate in educational and advocacy events, as well as to meet with elected leaders to increase knowledge of how the UN makes the world a safer place and improves the lives of people everywhere.  Key annual events include the Annual Leadership Summit and Members Day at the UN.

4. Monthly nationwide conference calls with UN Experts on Issues such as Global Health, Empowering Women and Girls, and Sustainable Development.

5. Engagement with UN Foundation Campaigns for global health, adolescent girls, the environment, and more.

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Your membership gives you access to the rewards of United Nations Federal Credit Union.